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Wild Mountain release a new track

Written on 30 April 2017   By   in Albums, Celtic music, Irish music

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Photo courtesy of Wild Mountain.

Rain and on the run” is an excellent example of the talent and musical roots of Wild Mountain, Colorado’s “greengrass” band. Born of a fusion between Irish music and bluegrass, Wild Mountain are making quite a splash around the Denver area, and their upcoming CD, which will feature this track as one of its selections, will be no different.


This song and the way they perform it speak more to the bluegrass side of the band’s repertoire, but the bluesy feel definitely has Irish roots. It’s one of those “meaning of life” songs that could apply to many situations. Well worth a listen. Click on the title above.


Wild Mountain, is an Americana/folk-rock Bluegrass band with Irish/Celtic influences based out of Denver and Boulder, Colorado, delivering an acoustic-based Americana/Celtic/Bluegrass sound that touches a lot of stylistic bases, from folk to Celtic-Irish to American heartland Bluegrass rock music, all with captivating rhythms and melodies that excite both young and older audiences. Wild Mountain is truly a band that can be enjoyed by all ages.

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