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Wild Mountain getting better and better

Written on 2 October 2016   By   in Celtic music, Concerts, Irish music

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Wild Mountain entertained the faithful at Clancy's Irish Pub Saturday night.

Wild Mountain entertained the faithful at Clancy’s Irish Pub Saturday night.

The brainchild of Mike Nile and Renee Fine,¬†Wild Mountain describe their music as “Greengrass,” apparently some kind of Irish/Bluegrass fusion. Whatever you call it, they’re improving all the time. Mike and Renee are extremely talented musicians in their own right, and the band has been adding more original music to their repertoire, without losing the Irish standards that have become favorites among their fans. They’ve also been featuring Sarah Jones on vocals more and more, and this lady can really belt out a song. With David Potter on banjo, guitar and vocals, and Dave Sweeney on bass, the sound gets even better, driven by the talented drumming of John Ware.

The thing I noticed more and more on Saturday night was that the group is coming together in a really nice way. They obviously spend a lot of time in rehearsal, and their timing and harmonies show it.

If you get a chance to hear¬†Wild Mountain, do it. It’s a driving, entertaining sound you will enjoy.

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